Find the highlights of the PLAY PARIS 2018 edition


More than 123,000 people followed the tournaments, conferences and other events of the various live scenes on Twitch.

The esport tournaments took place on the big stage.

The public was present to attend the coronation of the Korean team at Nations Wars V on Starcraft II and to celebrate the victory of the Lyon team during the Coupe de France on Street Fighter V!




Independent video game developers were on hand to introduce visitors to the games of tomorrow with more than twenty studios present like Frostkeep Studios with Rend, The Behemoth with Pit People or Headbang Club with Double Kick Heroes.


The Indie Games scene featured presentations and interviews from independent studios.


The board game was present in force thanks to the Parisian bar Le Loufoque which proposed hundreds of games on a freeplay area of ​​1000m2!


The visitors were able to meet several publishers like Asmodee or Holy Grail Games on the show floor of the show and test the latest novelties of 2018.

The first edition of PLAY PARIS took place at the Grande Halle de la Villette from 21 to 22 April 2018.


For 48 hours, players, enthusiasts, amateurs, novices and families get together. PLAY PARIS offers another way to experience a video game and board game gathering.

The experience of the players is the priority in this festival on a human scale. Visitors came out delighted with these two days of competitions, meetings and discoveries.


The players enjoyed a huge games room with more than 100 original arcades and 400 games, thanks to the participation of R-cade who presented its latest models of arcade Made in France.

For its part, the Extra Life Café offered a revived bar-gaming concept where a major Windjammers tournament, the Indie-retro Esport and the Jan Ken Pon competition intersected!

The arcade villages & consoles were masterfully run by the community through numerous associations: HFS Play, Retro-gaming Connection, Coin-op Legacy, First Attack, Savoie Retro Games and the 600 m2 vintage exhibition of!






The evolution of the video game press with Cécile Fléchon, Sophie Krupa, AHL (Alain Huyghues-Lacour), Kévin Bitterlin and Mathier Hurel interviewed by Neithan.

Youtubers: from dream to reality with Benzaie, Mr Quaraté, Julien Chièze, Carole Quintaine and Florent Gorges.

The 30 years of the PC Engine with Douglas Alves, Florent Gorges, Benjamin Peray, Grégoire Hellotet presented by TMDJC.